Upgrade your GIS skills and know the latest technologies and capabilities from Esri and its partners.

Workshop topics

Emerging Trends

  • GeoAI: integrating machine learning and deep learning with ArcGIS
  • 4D GIS and predictive analytics
  • 3D and BIM integration into GIS
  • The business benefits of geoblockchain

Smart Communities & Governance

  • Community engagement through crowdsourcing and story maps
  • Bringing GIS to the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Web GIS for a distributed GIS
  • Achieving excellence in field operations

Data Insights & Analytics

  • Integrate business data with GIS
  • Open data for everyone
  • Big data analytics
  • Real time GIS and IoT

Knowledge Building & Career Development

  • Skills you need now to build the jobs of the future
  • Spatial thinking in everyday life
  • The new GIS career paths
  • How to become a successful GIS professional

Organizational & Digital Transformation

  • Driving digital transformation with location intelligence
  • Empowering the IT landscape with GIS
  • The guide to subscription business model
  • Cloud for tomorrow's government

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Date and Location

4-6 February 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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