Mohamed Abuziad
Chief Executive Officer,GISTEC

Welcome Message

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the most popular GIS conference in the Middle East, GISWORX '14. We are here because we like to see and meet each other; it is not due to happiness or a result of disappointment. This year marks the ninth anniversary of GISWORX. I am happy to know that we share something in common when it comes to GISWORX- we want to discover new things from one another.

GIS has become very popular in the last 10 years. It's amazing how much it has changed our life especially when you think that this technology has been in existence for only 40 years. Technology is also evolving from vertical to horizontal, heavily influenced by modern social structure in that whatever you decide goes public and the society has to comment and approve your decision. GIS technology has become very rich and simple at the same time, with Esri up to current level of this social technology era. The new crop of business applications being and have been developed include mobile apps for smart government. Like in other applications, the GIS app that comes out on top is differentiated not by how advance it is but by fresh ideas. In the end, its talent that makes a big difference and lead to results such as DoT Abu Dhabi's Darb mobile application which topped Apple's app store very recently.

It's too early to draw a conclusion about the future, but Esri is very powerful and dominant. It continues to grow and make GIS very popular to everybody. What about after 10 years? I'm not convinced that anyone can take their place or do better. Esri has developed the industry, made an ecosystem of distributors and business partners, and created opportunities for us and thousands of others. Importantly, they have in place a win-win policy and partnership with their customers such as ADSIC and many others. We always strive to make GISWORX the number one GIS event in the region and even above the world's best conferences. We are a highly focused team and we treat each year as a test and challenge. We are willing to utilize all available resources to achieve perfect results. We do all of this for our customers and because of what GIS and Esri means to all of us. We intend for GISWORX to always be a positive and enjoyable experience.

We have made very strong achievements in the last 12 months we are preparing for GISWORX '14. A parallel event, "GOVWORX", has been added. If you compare the nine years of this event with other conferences, you will see that it offers beyond what other conferences have. And this is because of your contribution. The EGI has become a super award. We had put a big team on it who worked in lots of details with respect to successful nominees and choosing the awardees. We had been very thorough on the design and production of the new trophy that better reflect the awardees' work and achievements. We will be proud to present it to worthy awardees Wednesday night during the EGI Awards. This year, there is a 30 percent increase in participation. I'm amazed with the huge enthusiasm from our customers to support and stand behind us. We thank both customers and business partners that continue to provide us with their support and keeps GISWORX growing. I will never forget that after the first GISWORX in 2006, that you had let us do it again year after year, by being with us as our partners.

We have a strong team including Adrian, Issam, Mohammed Issa, Rusell, Saed, Muneer, and many others. They are very motivated by team work and the positive results of working hard. They have become very important for GISWORX, dedicating their individual time for a very coordinated and successful event. I feel lucky to have influence on such team and am happy that I made them love what they do. Despite the enormous effort and stress we work under in preparing for and attending GISWORX, it's an experience that actually makes us all happy in the end. We have gotten used to deliver this event year after year. Like soldiers, it doesn't matter how long we stay to fight or live, we are always ready to fight and we are ready to do it again!

We are ready to make GISWORX '14 successful.

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