Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Roda Al Bustan Hotel  |  Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Once-a-year FME event in Dubai

One thing that virtually all past attendees can agree on — it's that they'd recommend FME World Tour to a friend. Here are some reasons why:

Discover what's amazing in the most recent release of FME

Network with other FME users and experts in our community

Learn tips and best practices you can apply to your work

Take a sneak peek of features coming in future versions of FME

Get fun freebies to take home





Getting Started with FME 2018
Meet the Safe Software team and warm up with a game. Learn about exciting new features available in FME Desktop 2018 and take part in an interactive demo.


FME Workspace Authoring 2018: Tips and Tricks
Building FME Workspaces in 2018 is a brand new, more efficient experience. See how to navigate the new interface and get tips for making your data transformation workflows more powerful than ever.


Redesigned FME Server Automations
Get a live look at everything new in FME Server 2018, including how the redesigned Automations workflow will help you solve your biggest data automation challenges.


FME Around the World


FME User Presentations: The Data Lifecycle
From planning to prototyping to production, FME is a key part of the data lifecycle in many industries. The region's FME experts will share stories of how they solved their toughest data challenges.


Integrating Data Ecosystems with FME
The afternoon’s technical sessions will hone in on various data ecosystems and how they can work together. You’ll see live demos of how to use FME to integrate and transform various formats.


Interactive Wrap Up & Prizes
Practice what you learned in this interactive wrap-up demo, with lots of chances to win prizes!

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